Nature School Weekly Activity Kit Spring Volume I


In this Spring edition, you will find a variety of engaging crafts. And discover more about the adventurous lives of our bird friends. Your child will enjoy sewing their very own felted blue bird. And might find pleasure in creating their own batch of salt dough. Utilize materials around the house as we guide you through crafts like, “nesting balls” and “bird watching binoculars.” Have you thought about where woodrats, bunnies, and squirrels might nest? We will send you on a “wander” (observation walk) to explore the nests of nature. Your children will surely gain more confidence, patience, and determination as they learn to navigate around crafts that include scissor cutting, gluing, and decorating. The accomplishment of a task can be truly rewarding. We will leave you with daily nutritious recipes for your entire family to enjoy, journal prompts to record in your very own keepsake journal, and a selection of songs to sing along with the birds. You will also enjoy an  audible story of The Orioles Journey. For ages 3 to 100.

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Your kit has a downloadable pdf of activities, sewing craft, nature walks and journal ideas, daily recipes, circle songs and a story (with audible wav file).